Laravel is a most stable PHP Framework than other - Why?

Rahul Chauhan - Laravel Developer

Laravel is a most stable PHP Framework than other - Why?


Hello, Readers! 

I am a software developer since last 10 years. And in that duration, I have tried and switched to many frameworks and languages.

Well, Starting my career as a developer in 2010 till date, I have tried my hands on various frameworks like Yii2, Symphony, Ruby on Rails, Spring, Laravel and much more. Each framework has their own limitations and advantages. And since I got a grip on Laravel I needn't have felt to switch to any other framework.

Laravel framework's architecture, its demand & improvised stability kept me from other frameworks. 

I like developing in Laravel and trust me the systems developed in Laravel have never disappointed my clients.

Last year I took 2 major projects and task was to move the application from the old architecture based on PHP to a new stable PHP framework.

Our team did some R&D on which framework to choose for working on those projects and we found that Laravel framework is a perfect choice. As Laravel has its own huge set of a library that takes care of minor and major task from its end, in addition to that Laravel has very firm MVC architecture, so Laravel developers just need to focus on the logic part.

Here are some strong reasons to opt for Laravel:

1. Laravel makes development faster, as it gives Laravel developers to focus on development without worrying about some of the other key fundamentals which are handled by the framework itself. 

2. As other PHP frameworks, Laravel also has an ORM  (Object-relational mapping), which means developers do not have to write complex queries for performing CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) operations.

3. Laravel has industry standard architectural patterns such as MVC (Model - View - Controller) that ensure rapid development and helps to write maintainable code.

4. It is easy to scale the application. So, it is easier to estimate the resources & cost to be implied in the development of a certain Laravel project. Hence, better management and an amazing output.

5. Laravel framework keeps on evolving and has constant updates and enhancements on security levels.

6. It helps us to organize and manage resources in a better way. 

7. Routing - An amazing feature in Laravel

Since 2012, I got fond of Laravel framework and since then I am working as Laravel developer.

Not only that, in last two years many web development companies have shifted their resources to Laravel and started working as Laravel development company and you will also find that many companies have started providing Laravel development service with the web development services they were already providing. That represents the high level of demand in the requirement of Laravel framework.

Even on freelancing portal website jobs to hire Laravel developer has increased a lot.

The trend of developing web applications on Laravel has increased a lot in last 2 years.

Here, according to my knowledge and experience, I conclude that Laravel framework has increased the importance of PHP as a language. Moreover, this framework's stability and improvisations with each version keeps it a level higher than other frameworks. The demand for Laravel Developers has increased.

So aspiring developers, you should choose Laravel framework to offer development services and the clients who are searching and are confused about which technology to choose for the development of their web platform should also choose Laravel.

Thanks for reading.

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